Driving innovation for the benefit of farmers and ag cooperatives in North America


Cooperative Ventures is a venture capital fund founded in late 2021 as a joint venture between CHS and GROWMARK, two of the largest farmer-owned agricultural supply cooperatives in North America. The fund focuses on innovative solutions and emerging technologies that positively impact farming.

In addition to providing capital, Cooperative Ventures is committed to developing mutually beneficial commercial relationships between startups and our farmer-owned cooperative partners. CHS and GROWMARK leverage their industry expertise and farmgate network to provide valuable operational support and resources to help Cooperative Ventures’ portfolio companies grow and succeed.

Fields of Play

Crop Production

Crop nutrients, seed technology & genetics, crop protection, biologicals, and precision ag.

Last-Mile Supply Chain

Products and services to enhance supply chain efficiency, specifically the link between retail/distribution and our producers and farmers.

Farm Business Enablement

Software helping farmers better operate their business.


Systems and technologies that help farmers, ranchers, and cooperatives reduce and monitor their environmental impact.



Cooperative Ventures is stage agnostic with an emphasis on early-stage companies ready to test or scale solutions in broad acre row crops.


Our investment mandate is global with a focus on companies that can have a near-term impact in CHS and GROWMARK’s North American markets.


Fund Team

Director of Innovation

Investment Committee

VP, Corporate Development and M&A

Touchdown Ventures
Cofounder & President


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